I was finally able to get into my blog on my brother’s computer. Whew! Hope all is well. I’m gearing up for our big Maumee Valley Romance Writers’ gig this coming Saturday. It’s our Spring Fling 2010 in Toledo, Ohio. Last year we did a Valentine Tea and that went really well except it snowed that day (February), so it was somewhat cold and nasty. Hopefully, we’ll have golden spring sunshine bursting down on us that day! If anyone is in the area, please come check us out. We have some great published and unpublished authors in our group and we’d love to have you. It will be at Sanger Branch Library on March 27, 2010 from 11a.m-2p.m. I’ll check back soon…


March weather!

It is so incredibly beautiful out today, it’s hard to stay inside.  Usually, March in Ohio is full of rain and cold and clouds, but I think we had that last month instead. I hope everyone is doing well. I have been house/cat sitting for my brother, and I apologize for not getting to my blog for awhile. Actually, I’m having trouble accessing it from my brother’s computer. Anyway, just wanted to give everyone a quick update. I am still getting calls telling me how much people are enjoying Dangerous Magic. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that people are enjoying the book. Everyone is asking about the next book, and  I promise, I’m working on it. I will be sure to let everyone know.

I have to tell you that I’m enjoying my brother’s cat, Sammie. He was a stray that wandered up to my niece, Becky’s house and, of course, having the soft heart of an ex-vet assistant, my niece couldn’t refuse the cute little face. Since her Mom and Dad (my brother and sister-in-law) had just lost their cat of thirteen years or so, Sammie ended up with a new home. He is a lot of fun. I’ve figured out his play habits and, yawn, his time to get up. Usually around 5 a.m. He likes to watch animal planet, and my great-nephew, Hunter, and I were laughing at him this afternoon as he tried to grab the branch of a tree on the screen. He cracks me up.  Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on how my cat sitting experience is going and how my work in progress is coming along. Talk to everyone soon.

Hi Everyone! Just a reminder that Wed. and Thurs., I’m hosting on www.katesterling.blogspot.com

Stop by and ask a question or comment.  On Friday, my author friend, Amber Scott will be hosting on Kate’s website, so stop by and leave her a comment.


Hello everyone! Yesterday I woke up to another day of gray skies. I’ve never seen so many blah winter days. However, this was a happy day for me. My  first book signing was here.  Well, after it was rescheduled from last week due to none other than a blizzard. Didn’t sleep well. You know…worry, worry, worry. Do I have enough books? Too many? What if no one comes? On and on. I did get up early and go to a card making class I had signed up for a month ago. It was therapeutic to take my mind off all my earlier doubts. As it neared 3 p.m., my sister (my go-to girl) arrived and I wasn’t ready. It started at 4p.m. Finally, we got off, got to the library and my heart leapt as I walked in and saw the beautiful table arrangement set up in the middle of the room. My sister had sent a colorful flower arrangement along with a bright, silver tray filled with two champagne glasses (filled with ginger ale) and chocolates on a lacy, red paper heart. It was beautiful. Gorgeous. The girls at the library are amazing as is my family.   They showed up in droves, wonderfully sat there and visited. So many friends and family wishing me well, supporting me. It really touched my heart. I even got to see the newest member of the family, my 10 day old great-great niece Marleigh Jo. She is so beautiful. Anyway, I was very pleased with the turnout. We counted around 36 people who came and we sold 35 books, not including the ones I’d sold earlier in the week. I had 8 books left. I also donated a signed copy to the library. Gloria and the girls have been fabulous and have been as excited about this book release a I was. Anyway, I wanted to share in the excitement of my day, which, even after all the sleepless night and worry, turned out so  much better than I ever expected. Someone upstairs is definitely looking out for me and to Him, thank you.

I woke up at 8 a.m. this morning to find it snowing and a full 2 inches already on the ground. I’m now winding down to bed, and it is still snowing. In bucket loads. Several inches. It’s already up to the bottom of my car door in the driveway. Oh, lucky me. I get to shovel the darn thing out. Without a doubt, this is the most snow I’ve seen in my 3 years back in Ohio. Of course, I do remember the big blizzard of 1970-whatever year that was, 77-78, somewhere in there. I have pictures of me standing on a snow bank once the snow plow shoveled through our country road, usually three or four days later than everyone else. I’m talking real country road here.  It is very pretty if your on the inside looking out, but I sure wouldn’t want to be out in it. Tomorrow will be much the same with the added 35 mile an hour wind. It may also affect my book signing tomorrow at the library, but I’ll let you know. It is a winter wonderland here in NW Ohio. Hope everyone is inside, warm and cozy, curled up with a good book or knitting needles or whatever you passion. Tomorrow will be a good day to do whatever your heart desires. Believe me, barring a miracle, it isn’t going to get better. Only worse. Until next time, stay warm…

The Big Day!

Here I am, trying to wrap my mind aroung the reality that this is the day of my book release. With all the booksignings, author interviews, and general attention that, for a moment, thrusts me into the public eye, all of this is a bit overwhelming. I’m not a ‘public eye’ person. This is new and scary, and, well yes, fun. Until I’m asked to actually speak about it in front of a group, then, not so much.  It is, however, one of those things, (besides my weak techno skills) that I hope to work on this year.  Hope all will help encourage and forgive me when I get something not so right. It’s all a part of life. Check out my author guest spot on Kim Watters’ http://www.muchcheaperthantherapy.blogspot.com

Book release!!!

Well…this is the week. February 5th, my first novel, Dangerous Magic, will be released from The Wild Rose Press!! I am incredibly excited. Laura and Riley’s adventure is one that evolved over the past four years. Yes, four years it took me to get this published. That may seem like a long time to most, but it is pretty normal in the writer world. I say that to encourage any budding writers who feel discouraged and ready to give up. My biggest advice is-don’t do it! If you’re heart is really in your writing, your characters, you will get published too. Having said that, I want to invite anyone reading this to come by Much Cheaper Than Therapy Blogsite on Friday Feb. 5th, as I will be the guest author and will be giving away a free book. Also, on Sunday, Feb. 7th, I will be a guest author on Amber Scott’s Blogsite at Amberscott.wordpress.com. I’ll be answering questions all day on both these websites. Then on next Wed., Feb. 10th, the Montpelier Friends of the Library will be hosting my first booksigning, so if you’re in the Ohio area, stop by, say ‘hi’, have some punch and heart shape cookies and pick up Dangerous Magic for a really good read!  Until next time…Devin